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Shutters come in all shapes and sizes, take a look below.

Oh So Tall..

Long and slender these shutters will add a modern finish to any home. These shutters prove very popular due to the ability to add a mid-rail, making them aesthetically pleasing from the outside.

Oh So Cute!

Shutters that only cover the lower half of the window. These type of shutters are great for stopping people looking in but letting enormous amounts of light in from above.

Oh So Stylish

The top and bottom panels can be closed independent from each other to provider great privacy and light control. This type of shutter is very popular with Brighton residents.

Oh So Dark!

Achieving near total blackout, reducing external noise and keeping the heat in these Solid Panel shutters which were inspired by the Victorian Period are really popular in older houses.

Oh So Smooooth.

These tracked shutters work well in a variety of areas. From walk in wardrobes to patio doors. These are just the thing for a long run of bi-folding patio doors.

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Shaped Shutters

Oh So Skewed!

For those awkward and usual shapes we’ve got a solution. We can fit a custom shape shutter to your window.