From Motorised Blinds to Window Shutters in Reigate |
An Option for Every Room

The rooms in a home are all used very differently. This means they have different furniture, such as sofas in the living room and beds and wardrobes in bedrooms. Each room should also have thoughtfully selected window coverings to suit its function. With 25 years of combined experience, the team at Oh So Shutters Ltd helps customers in Brighton, Reigate and all the surrounding areas enhance each area of their homes. Providing roller blinds, motorised blinds, Venetian blinds, solid panel shutters and other window shutters, we help you find the perfect option for each room.

In this guide, we offer recommendations for different domestic spaces. We are only a phone call away if you wish to arrange a visit from our friendly team and receive personalised advice.


Bedrooms should be relaxing spaces where you can easily drift off. Consequently, many people like blackout roller blinds which block as much light as possible. However, the dark can make it hard to wake up in the morning. Consequently, we recommend motorised blinds. These are available with blackout fabric but allow you to open them from bed.

Solid panel shutters are also popular among customers in the Reigate area who want near-total darkness. If you prefer customisable levels of light, go for Venetian blinds or slatted shutters.

Living Rooms

Living rooms need to be bright during the day but you need to be able to reduce glare as necessary. Depending on the location of your living room, improving privacy may also be important.

Café-style window shutters are ideal for living areas in Reigate because they block the view through the bottom half of the window and leave the top open for maximum light. Tier-on-tier shutters offer similar benefits with added control because you have top and bottom shutters.

Venetian blinds are also effective for joint privacy and light control.

Solid panel shutters cover the whole window and block nearly all light. As such, they are best if you only want to cover the windows at night for complete privacy.


Oh So Shutters provides hard-wearing solutions for bathrooms in Reigate and the surrounding areas. Due to high levels of water and humidity, bathroom window coverings must be moisture-resistant. For this reason, wooden shutters and blinds are not suitable. Neither are standard fabric roller blinds or motorised blinds.

We recommend PVC window shutters or faux wood Venetian blinds. These provide all the same benefits as wooden products but will withstand exposure to moisture, with no risk of warping, rot or mould.

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