Roller Blinds and Window Shutters in Dorking |
Are Blinds or Shutters Right for Your Home?

Window dressings, such as shutters and blinds, provide both practical and visual benefits. As such, it is important to choose the best option for your space and requirements. This will enhance the comfort and appearance of your home, helping you get the most from it. At Oh So Shutters, we are experts in wooden window shutters, roller blinds and Venetian blinds. Our personal service includes a consultation and advice to ensure you make the right decision for each room.

With a workshop in Brighton, we travel across the surrounding South East areas, including Dorking, to provide quality solid panel shutters, motorised blinds and manual blinds. To help decide if you should invest in blinds or shutters, consider the following:

Light and Privacy

If you want flexibility when it comes to natural light and privacy, nothing beats window shutters. Options include slatted shutters with different size louvres and solid panel shutters with no gaps. We also have café-style shutters which just cover the bottom of windows and tier-on-tier shutters which allow you to open/close the top and bottom of the shutters separately.

Roller blinds and motorised blinds provide varying levels of privacy/light control from the top down. Venetian blinds allow you to angle slats to achieve your desired level of light and privacy.


If you have young children, you must consider their safety when choosing window coverings for your Dorking home. Manual blinds have pull cords which pose a hazard to children and can even cause death. To minimise risk, Oh So Shutters ensures every chain has a safety link. However, to eliminate the risk, we recommend motorised blinds which do not have a pull cord and are operated by a remote control.

Window shutters also offer increased safety for children.

Easy Maintenance

Shutters and blinds can both be effective for customers in the Dorking area looking for low-maintenance window dressings. When it comes to slatted and solid panel shutters, we recommend using the brush attachment on your vacuum or a dry cloth to remove dust. A toothbrush is ideal for removing debris from the corners. For stubborn dirt, use a damp cloth and wipe away excess moisture.

Use the same methods for cleaning wooden Venetian blinds. To make cleaning even easier, you can buy a duster specifically designed for slatted blinds.

It is also easy to clean roller blinds without removing them. Roll the blind fully down and vacuum using the upholstery tool or brush. For a deeper clean, use a damp cloth to wipe the blind from top to bottom. Make sure to let the blind dry completely before rolling it back up to prevent mould.

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