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Brighton based Window Shutters company Oh So Shutters.

Shopping For Window Shutters Brighton? We’re here to help!

Shopping For Window Shutters Brighton? We’re here to help!

Whether you want window shutters for aesthetic or practical reasons we’re here to help. When it comes to shopping for window shutters Brighton we have a full range of choices complete with installation, so whatever you need we can make it happen.

Types of Window Shutters Brighton

We cover window shutter installation in Brighton, London and surrounding areas. If you’re local and want to know more about window shutters then get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.

Some of the shutter types we offer include:

Full Height – Long and tall these are ideal for large windows in your home. They add a modern twist and perfect to finish off any room in your home.

Café Style – If you want shutters to help add a bit of privacy into your home but don’t want to block out all of the natural light these are ideal. They cover the lower half of the window so still allow in all of the light from the top half.

Tier on Tier – These cover the whole of your window but the top and bottom tiers are separate. This means you can have one half open and one half closed if you wish, the choice is yours!

Solid Panel – The shutter equivalent of black out blinds! These allow you to achieve near total blackout in your room as well as reducing external nice and helping to keep in the heat.

Other Solutions

Looking for window shutters Brighton not listed here? Don’t worry! We offer tracked shutters and custom solutions too! We know that not all windows are standard shapes and sizes and always offer a solution to fit.

Get in touch with more details about your needs and we’d be happy to offer you a free estimate alongside some expert advice on how to make the shutters of your dreams happen.

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