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Which Shutter Style is Best for Your Home?

So you’ve decided to invest in some beautiful plantation shutters- great news! But if you’ve never had shutters before, shopping around amongst all the different styles, materials and terminologies could be quite a daunting process. Here at Oh So Shutters we offer six variations of plantation shutter installations and know how important it is to find the right style for you and your home (or business).

This is why we offer a free personal consultation service with one of our expert and friendly team to guide you through the options and make sure you get exactly what you want and need. We also know that you may want to do your own research when making such a vital investment in your home, so we’ve put together this handy overview of all the different types of shutter available so you can start having a think about which will be the perfect finishing touch to make your house a home or create the professional look you need for your business.

Full Height

It’s all in the name really. Full height shutters cover…yes you’ve guessed it…the full length of your windows, making them the best choice for those after full privacy and/or where the shutters aren’t really going to be opened. In the case of the latter, full height shutters are often designed to mimic the design of the window and contain panes to let the light come through as much as possible. For those who simply want full height shutters for the aesthetic look or for privacy, a plethora of designs and styles are available.

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Cafe Style 

Cafe style shutters only cover the bottom half of your windows and therefore allow the light to come through above. Other than in Cafe’s 😉 these are a popular option for homes with very tall windows where occupants wish to maintain their privacy but maintain as much natural light penetration as possible. This style of shutter is the perfect option for rooms on street level and are often paired with curtains to provide full privacy and a cosy feel at night. We fit a lot of these shutters in seafront homes right along the coast from Worthing through to Eastbourne and Hastings where properties are overlooked by passers-by but the owners still want to take advantage of the coastal light.

Tier on Tier 

Tier on tier shutters are a combination of the two styles above and cover the entire window length but split into two tiers allowing you to open either half individually. This gives you the flexibility of letting light in whilst maintaining privacy or even make the most of the outside view without the glare of the sun.

Solid Panel 

Solid panel shutters do exactly what they say on the tin (as it were). They are made in a solid structure with whole panels that cover the entire window, blocking out almost all natural light. This is the go to option for customers wanting to create total blackout in the desired room (often for specific business needs) and are typical of the traditional Victorian houses that line the streets of Brighton & Hove.

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Tracked shutters are less about the style and more about their functionality. They are hung from the top and have an aluminum track at the bottom to easily guide the shutters open and closed. This is a great addition to your shutters if you are covering a large window or opening where the shutters will be opened and closed regularly. Remember these can only be used on shutters that cover the whole length of the window.


If you have unique shaped rooms and/or windows you will most likely need to opt for shaped shutters as these can be custom made to fit any window. Regardless of the shape or size you require our friendly and experienced team will be happy to work with you to find you a stylish and personalised solution for even the trickiest windows.

Oh So Shutters based in Brighton installation Plantation Shutters

In Summary…

As you can see, there really is a lot to consider when investing in shutters; including your aesthetic preferences, style of the house and required functionality. The good news is there are a lot of solutions to almost every brief, so if you are thinking about upgrading your windows- as bespoke shutter specialists we can come round for a free chat to help you find the right shutters for you!



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