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Oh So Shutters are first and foremost, passionate about the quality of your shutters but they are equally concerned about providing the best customer experience. At Oh So Shutters we are proud to say we have the expert knowledge and knowhow to help you make the best choice for your home. We pride ourselves in offering a personal friendly service; with no pushy sales techniques, working closely with our customers to offer sensitive and sound advice, most of all we let the quality of our shutters do the talking.

In the Chichester area, in particular, our valued customers have benefited from our exceptional knowledge and understanding of the the city and the surrounding suburbs, including the history, topography, architectural influences, as well as the environmental and economic climate.

Chichester, originally a Roman settlement named Noviomagus, was founded in 43 AD. Rich settlers lived in houses with glass windows, painted murals, mosaic floors and even a form of central heating. In the 6th Century the Saxons arrived and by that time the Roman community had greatly declined. Forcefully taking charge of the area, the Saxons renamed the town “Cissa’s Ceaster”, later the the two words were shortened to become Chichester.

It was only in the late 9th Century, however, in the rule of Alfred the Great that Chichester became a flourishing market town, but it wasn’t until the 18th Century that the Georgians made various improvements to the town, including their first bank and theatre. During this period, Chichester became a thriving hub for artists, architects and crafts-people.

Since the post 19th Century boom, Chichester has continued to grow and modernise, yet architecture and heritage have remained relatively undeveloped. Pallant House for example built in 1712 by Henry Peckham was locally known as Dodo House due to the strangely shaped ostrich sculptures flanking the front door. A grade I listed Queen Anne townhouse, this original grand design has taken on many incarnations including Council Offices and since 1982 a prestigious art gallery.

Pallant House now stands as a prime example of elegant architecture and continues to influence, with its multiple tall, timber sash windows and original box shutters, folded back to set neatly either side of the frames, its no surprise that modern renovations, particularly internal shutters have been inspired by its original features.

Many Georgian box shutters, once a main feature for a Chichester town house window, have been ripped out, boxed or fixed permanently into the frames, however  more recently, townhouses are reinstalling interior shutters as more and more people are becoming aware of the true benefits of these versatile window fixtures.

Like all our Chichester customers, Oh So Shutters are highly influenced by timeless style and elegance and will strive to enhance and and improve your interior spaces, offering professional advice and consideration to your personal, aesthetic and practical requirements.

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